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Plexr Soft Surgery

Plexr Soft Surgery is a technology used in skin renewal and aesthetic applications. Plexr, which provides an alternative to surgical interventions by offering a non-invasive approach, aims to treat skin problems using low temperature plasma energy. Aesthetic problems such as acne scars, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and eyelid sagging can be targeted with Plexr. This method, which works without contacting the skin surface, stands out with its fast recovery times and minimal risk of complications. Plexr Soft Surgery offers people looking for a non-invasive option the opportunity to achieve a younger, fresher look.

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What is Plexr Therapy (Plasma Energy)?


Plexr treatment is a skin resurfacing and aesthetic application method using plasma energy. Plexr is an alternative to surgical procedures by offering a non-invasive approach. Also known as Plexr Laser, this application aims to treat skin problems with low temperature plasma energy. The Plexr procedure offers solutions to aesthetic problems such as acne scars, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and eyelid sagging. Plexr Soft Surgery works without touching the skin surface and provides fast recovery times and minimal risk of complications. Plexr plasma technology offers a youthful and fresh look to people looking for a non-invasive option. Plexr application is a reliable option for treating skin problems and provides satisfaction with its results.

How to make Plexr?


Before the procedure, the area to be treated is hygienically cleaned and local anesthetic cream is applied and the area is numbed for about 15-20 minutes. The procedure performed by our specialist doctor is performed in a sterile environment. The Plexr procedure usually takes between 5 and 30 minutes, but this time may vary depending on the skin condition of the person and the size of the area to be treated.

In Which Conditions Is Plexr Plasma Therapy Used?


Plexr plasma therapy is an effective method in the treatment of many different skin problems. This method offers solutions to various aesthetic and skin problems by using it in a wide range of applications. Plasma energy can be used in the following cases: Non-surgical eyelid aesthetics Treatment of crow's feet lines Treatment of acne and acne scars Treatment of white and yellow spots on the eyelids Treatment of smokers line on the lips Mole removal Abdominal and neck lift procedures Freckle treatment Removal of scars Wart treatment

How Many Sessions Does Plexr Application Take?


The duration of Plexr application depends on the operation to be performed, and those who have Plexr can usually achieve the results they want in a single session. However, in some cases, more sessions may be required. Depending on the skin problem and treatment requirements, 2 or 3 additional sessions can be planned if needed.

Plexr Eyelid Aesthetics


Plasma energy in eyelid aesthetics aims to achieve the best result in a comfortable way. The new generation Plasma energy technology allows to achieve the desired result in a short time without the need for surgical operation. Plasma energy, which meets the expectations of patients especially preferred for aesthetic purposes, offers treatment without bleeding, stitches or scars during the procedure. The procedure is performed with a completely wireless device and the device is applied directly to the target tissue with electrical arc generation. It is applied by targeting the treated tissue and does not harm the surrounding tissues. Plasma energy is a non-invasive method, offering a non-surgical option. In addition, no scar is left after the procedure and the healing process is usually between 10-15 days. During this period, patients can return to their normal daily activities.

What to Pay Attention to During the Recovery Process After Plexr?


After the Plexr procedure, it is important to take some precautions to protect your skin and support the healing process. Concealers with UV-protective foundation should be used after the procedure. These products help to conceal the appearance of the lesions and protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Foundation concealers can also reduce redness or sensitivity that may occur after the procedure. It is recommended to apply these products at least 2-3 times a day.

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